Mirage or Regime Shift?

June 10th & 11th, 2021


Mirage or Regime Shift?

This year we explored how to read the signs of change that have only increased since the pandemic. Are we caught in end-of-cycle turbulence or in the midst of a regime shift that requires a new model to apprehend? Are we ready to undertake the tasks ahead?  

Our program featured leading minds to address Geopolitics, Monetary Policy, Inequality and Climate issues over two days, as well as offering insight from our investment teams on what these issues portend for markets. 

Watch our Best-Of moments of the 2021 Amundi World Investment Forum

Meet the brightest minds of the financial sphere

Among the prominent 2021 Amundi World Investment Forum speakers

Vafa Ahmadi
Managing Director, Head of Global Thematic Equities, Amundi
Jean-Jacques Barbéris
Head of Institutional and Corporate Clients Division, Amundi
José Manuel Barroso
President of the European Commission (2004-2014)
Valérie Baudson
Chief Executive Officer, Amundi. Member of Executive Committee of Crédit Agricole S.A.
Clément Beaune
Secretary of State for European Affairs in the French government
Alessia Berardi
Head of EM Macro and Strategy Research, Amundi
Pascal Blanqué
Group CIO, Amundi
Mark Carney
UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance.
Monica Defend
Global Head of Research, Amundi
Esther Duflo
2019 Nobel Prize in Economics. Abdul Latif Jameel Professor of Poverty Alleviation and Development Economics, MIT.
Kasper Elmgreen
Head of Equities, Amundi
Dr. Mark T. Esper
US Secretary of Defense (2019-2020) and US Secretary of the Army (2017-2019)
Matteo Germano
Global Head of Multi-Asset, Amundi
Keyu Jin
Ph.D. Professor of Economics, London School of Economics
Kunal Kapoor
Chief Executive Officer, Morningstar
Stephanie Kelton
Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Stony Brook University
Elodie Laugel
Chief Responsible Investment Officer, Head of Institutional Business development support, Amundi
Mariana Mazzucato
Professor in the Economics of Innovation and Public Value, University College London (UCL)
Vincent Mortier
Deputy CIO, Amundi
Terrance Odean
Rudd Family Foundation Professor of Finance at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley
Yves Perrier
Chairman of the Board, Amundi
Carmen M. Reinhart
Vice President, Development Economics and Chief Economist, The World Bank Group
Ola Rosling
President & Co-Founder of Gapminder Foundation
Robert J. Shiller
2013 Nobel Prize in Economics, Distinguished Professor of Economics, Yale University
Yu Sun
Vice Chairman and Chief Executive, Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
Yerlan Syzdykov
Global Head of Emerging Markets, Amundi
Ken Taubes
Executive Vice President, Chief Investment Officer US, Portfolio Manager, Amundi
Ulrik Vestergaard Knudsen
Deputy Secretary-General, OECD
Isabelle Vic-Philippe
Head of Euro Aggregate, Amundi
Fannie Wurtz
Head of Distribution & Wealth Division & Head of Amundi ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta, Amundi
Eddie Yue
Chief Executive, Hong Kong Monetary Authority

A selection of prominent speakers from previous editions


Amundi has initiated a series of interviews on major themes usually addressed during the Amundi World Investment Forum with renowned speakers.


    You will find regularly updated insights, thought leadership pieces and interviews of renowned speakers to better think, understand and act, as the consequences of the current crisis are only beginning to show.


    Europe, US and China tomorrow: Will it be possible to avoid geopolitical and economic traps?

    Shifts & Narratives #4 In search of a new international order


    Shifts & Narratives #2 – Inflation: something deep awakens

    Shifts & Narratives #5
    A unique crisis that opens the way to multiple regime shifts


    The day after#1
    Covid-19: the invisible hand pointing investors down the road to the 70s

    Do not give up on fundamental valuations

    Shifts & Narratives#1
    Do not give up on fundamental valuations


    Temperature scores: an innovative tool for ESG fundamental investors

    Shifts & Narratives #3 The ‘make it or break it moment’: why investors should care about COP26?


    The Coronavirus and ESG Investing, the emergence of the Social pillar


    Shifts & Narratives #6
    Technology trends in Asset Management and Savings Industry

    Working Paper
    Robo-Advising for Small Investors:
    Evidence from Employee Savings

    Working Paper Responsible Investing and Stock Allocation

    Working paper
    Robo-Advising: Less AI and More XAI?

    This edition of the Amundi World Investment Forum will address the global ‘tipping points’ faced by investors.

    As the decade begins, we will ask which global transformations underway are approaching a critical point of no return and explore possible investment solutions. Climate change, rising inequalities, the erosion of international community as a valid concept: which, if any, are inexorable, and what do they herald for investors?  


    A selection of prominent speakers from previous editions

    Forum insights
    and key themes

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    is the AWIF?

    The Amundi World Investment Forum is a global gathering where executives, world leaders, top economists, Nobel Prize laureates, and other players from the international financial sphere explore innovative solutions, strategies, and best practices for asset management.

    Amundi is Europe’s largest asset manager and hosts the annual Amundi World Investment Forum to provide relevant and thoughtful approaches to investment in the face of today’s most pressing social, political, and economic issues.








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