Tipping Points
Shaping the New Decade

4th-5th June, 2020

On the tenth anniversary of Amundi’s founding we have selected ten themes that have defined the decade’s economic, financial and asset management landscape. They include economic developments such as the rise of unconventional monetary policies, the return of protectionism, the emergence of crypto-assets, and the digital revolution; challenges specific to asset management such as negative interest rates, fears of secular stagnation, and the rise of geopolitical factors; and long-term global challenges such as climate change, inequality, social cohesion, and migration.

These themes have been the focus of the Amundi World Investment Forum (AWIF), which for a decade has brought together over 500 of our customers (sovereign wealth funds, central banks, institutional investors, distributors, and corporations) with prestigious speakers including Nobel Prize laureates and top politicians.

The Forum, which is Amundi’s headline event, defines the group’s thinking and strategy. It allows us to share views on economics, finance, geopolitics, investment, and asset allocation, and on the specific concerns of our customers, such as ESG standards, retirement, alternative assets, and active versus passive management, among others. The ten themes analysed in the first ten chapters of this book are all drawn from the past AWIF editions, underlining their importance.

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This edition of the Amundi World Investment Forum will address the global ‘tipping points’ faced by investors.

As the decade begins, we will ask which global transformations underway are approaching a critical point of no return and explore possible investment solutions. Climate change, rising inequalities, the erosion of international community as a valid concept: which, if any, are inexorable, and what do they herald for investors?  

Meet the brightest
minds of the 
financial sphere

A selection of prominent speakers from previous editions

Robert J. Shiller
Economist / Academic
2013 Nobel Laureate in Economic Science (empirical analysis of asset prices, book 'irrational exuberance' (only catastrophic events generate less inequality))
Ben Bernanke
Chair, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System (2006–2014)
Janet L. Yellen
Chair, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System (2014–2018)
John F. Kerry
68th United States Secretary of State (2013 - 2017)

Forum insights
and key themes

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Future of global growth taking climate change into account.


Future shape of financial markets.


Alleviating global inequalities through experimental approaches.


Main long term changes affecting the ageing & pensions sphere.


Pension funds in an unconventional monetary policy world.

is the AWIF?

The Amundi World Investment Forum is a global gathering where executives, world leaders, top economists, Nobel Prize laureates, and other players from the international financial sphere explore innovative solutions, strategies, and best practices for asset management.

Amundi is Europe’s largest asset manager and hosts the annual Amundi World Investment Forum to provide relevant and thoughtful approaches to investment in the face of today’s most pressing social, political, and economic issues.








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