Elisabeth Bourqui was born in 1975 and she is a Swiss, French, and Canadian citizen.

Elisabeth Bourqui currently holds the position of Head of Pension Management at ABB Group in Zurich, Switzerland. ABB Pension Management operates in over 30 countries and manages close to $11bn of assets.

Before that, Elisabeth Bourqui was a Principal in Mercer’s Investment Consulting team in Montreal, Canada, and was, up to 2012, Head of Investment solutions for major North-American Pension Funds.

Prior to that, Dr Bourqui has worked for over 12 years in Investment Banking.

Dr Bourqui worked for Société Générale in New-York and her functions were related to the sale of structured derivatives solutions to Canadian institutional clients. She also worked for Société Générale’s Fixed Income Products department in Montreal (Canada) as a financial engineer specializing in structured products. At Credit Suisse in Zurich Elisabeth was also in charge of developing Risk Management Solutions.

She holds a PhD in Mathematics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Zurich (Switzerland). She conducted research as a collaboration between the ETH Zurich and Credit Suisse. As a part-time faculty member of the John Molson School of Business, Concordia University, Montreal, she gave lectures on derivatives.

Elisabeth is a member of the Swiss Society of Actuaries.