june, 2018

10 : 05 AM10:50 AMResponsible Investment: What are the new frontiers? Can finance be a driving force today?Roundtable


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Following the COPs and the One Planet Summit, asset owners and asset managers are at centre stage for climate action. Asset owners’ fiduciary duty on ESG issues is increasingly acknowledged by the global community. The awareness of new generations of investors is rising, and millennials search for a purpose.

How can the financial community translate aspirations into impactful actions? What stimulus is required to move from a follower stance to a driving force? What are the new frontiers of engagement and responsible investment? And how can they constitute an answer? What are the relevant challenges to overcome and how to foster innovation from the financial community?

Among our speakers:

Magnus Billing, CEO, Alecta

Liza Jonson, CEO, SwedbankRobur

Uli Krämer, CIO, Kepler-Fonds KAG

Valérie Baudson, CEO of CPR AM and Head of ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta at Amundi

Moderator: Adrian Dearnell,  Chairman, EuroBusiness Media



(Friday) 10:05 AM - 10:50 AM