Disruptive Trends: Exploring New Opportunities

In an uncertain economic environment marked by a combination of systemic long-term changes and the recent regional and global political unrests, it is important to take a step back in order to analyse and understand these changes.

For this reason, the 2017 Amundi World Investment Forum will focus on Disruptive Trends – the major economic and societal shifts that will influence the medium-term economic environment and, by extension, our portfolio allocation.

We will have the pleasure of welcoming a number of eminent speakers, including Robert Gordon, a Bloomberg’s Fifty Most Influential Thinkers 2016, and the 2015 Nobel laureate in Economics, Angus Deaton. They all will share and debate their market views with you before discussing the main investment implications.

Thursday 29th June

Understanding the challenges

The current economic and financial environment is uncertain and subject to many upheavals. Should this situation be considered as disruptive?
The answer to this question will drive the reshaping of our asset allocations approach in order to meet long-term investment challenges.

Friday 30th June

Adjusting to change

Investors are facing the same macro-economic and financial global environment; but each has to deal with their specific context with regards to investment horizons, fiduciary duties, liability management, regulatory framework…
Considering these specific objectives and constraints, how will asset owners adjust their decision making processes and operating models and what key investment choices do they face to adapt to these economic and financial environments?