Francesco Sandrini
Head of Multi-Asset Strategies, Amundi

Head of Multi-Asset Strategies, Amundi

Prior to his current position, Francesco oversaw the Multi-Asset Balanced, Income and Real Return expertise, investing primarily directly in stocks and bonds. The teams manage flagship funds such as Global Multi-Asset Conservative, Global Multi-Asset, Global Multi-Asset target Income and Real Assets Target Income besides retail and institutional solutions.

Francesco joined Amundi (previously Pioneer Investments) in 1998. He moved to the Dublin office in 2001 and he led the Financial Engineering Team from 2002 to 2008, managing an excess of €10bn in quantitative driven fixed income funds. In 2009, Francesco relocated to Munich, where he led the European Institutional Portfolio Management team with primary responsibility for Institutional Portfolios in Italy, Germany, Austria and Institutional Portfolio Managers in Ireland and the UK. In 2012, he became Head of Multi Asset Security solutions, managing an excess of €50bn in flexible balanced, income and insurance solutions.

A graduate in Economics from Bologna University, Francesco holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from Bocconi University of Milan (1998). In addition, he obtained a PhD in Banking and Finance at the University College Dublin in 2009.

Since the beginning of 2019, Francesco took a coordinating role for the large Company-wide Amundi ESG project, both functionally within the Multi Asset platform and locally within Amundi SGR.

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